About Me

I think storytelling is in my blood. I was born in during historic times: in Liverpool, England, just as the Beatles entered the world stage. As an adult, I fell in love with Scotland, and took a job for an eccentric local Laird as an administrator on his wild highland estates. I regularly commuted on a decrepit fishing boat to hear the grievances of the Laird’s cranky tenants.  Later on, I managed a company involved in the offshore oil industry, which gave me a better understanding of and deep respect for marine wildlife.

Isle of Skye

I travel extensively, and the places I go just seem to find their way into my romantic suspense novels. THREE WEEKS LAST SPRING is set in the remote San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. THE HOUSE ON THE SHORE features a quirky village in the highlands of Scotland, the land I love best. RING OF LIES, which is now also available as an audiobook through Amazon, Audible and iTunes, winds its way from England to the dark underbelly of Florida.

Lighthouse Boca Grande

I live with my partner, Stephen, and delinquent Border collie, Rosie, in a small village in South Yorkshire, where I am hard at work on a new romantic suspense novel. It also features one of my favourite structures: lighthouses.